Tips to Buy the Best Raincoat

It’s the month of rain!! It is the most enjoyable season but we have to take precautions. We can’t miss our college or office!! In case of outings, we have to protect ourselves from the rain. Raincoats are the best options to protect ourselves from the rain and getting wet in the rain. But before buying rainwear online you need to keep in the mind few tips. Let’s help you in buying the best raincoats:

  • Choose Your Style

Find your own style, you want to wear crop raincoats or long raincoats. Shorter and cropped style raincoats are best for cyclist or joggers and they are super convenient and easy to manage. While longer raincoats are best for travelling in hilly areas or walking as it will cover you fully and protect you from getting wet. So before purchasing a rainwear, always choose your style.15306659_226300134461567_594386708846346240_n

  • Choose right Fabrics

Always consider the fabric you ought to buy. Choosing a rainwear is easy but choosing the right fabric is really difficult. The fabric you are choosing should be suitable to you. It should protect you fully. Always keep in the mind the waterproof fabric are the best otherwise it makes the material heavy which will be hard to carry.

  • Look upon the Construction

All good looking things or over priced are not meant to be best always. Always consider the construction before buying the rainwear online. Waterproof jackets depend upon its construction. Look upon its structure that is fully covered and should be hooded over it to protect the head in the rain. Choose zipper rain wear rather than the buttoned as it is more protective.

  • Take Care of the rainwear

Fashion may come and go but the rain will always be there. So after purchasing the rainwear, always take care of it. You should keep the rainwear in safer place and should keep on that place where you can easily get that. Rain will never come after telling you. After all its unpredictable

These were some few guide tips to buy the rainwear online. You can go with colourful raincoat whether its red rainwear or yellow raincoat etc. Color does not affect its feature but fabric and construction do. So buy the best rainwear online and protect yourself from getting wet in unpredictable rain and enjoy the weather.


Best Fishing Raincoats

Many people today love to fish and go fishing with their friends or relatives. However, there arises problem when it starts raining while you are fishing. These times call for a raincoat which you must have in order to protect yourself from that harsh rain while you are enjoying your hobby.


You can buy rainwear online. There are many fishing raincoats available online. Let us have a look at some of the best raincoats for heavy rain:

  • Coleman PVC:

This is for those who do not want to spend a lot on fishing raingear. This is a very inexpensive raingear that offers the benefits of not only cost-effectiveness but also of easy packing and convenience. It is made of PVC and looks more like a shell. It is quite waterproof and makes breathing easy.

  • The Onyx:

This is again a very affordable and effective raincoat perfect for fishing. It looks very attractive an

d isn’t bulky as well. Made of PVC, it offers the benefits of easy breathing and doesn’t allow water to get in. A special feature of this rainwear is that the pants in it have a pass through pocket for protecting valuable items.

  • Impertech II:

This is one of the best fishing raincoats available today. It offers the benefits of waterproofing and flexibility. It is not bulky and the material comprising it is very soft and does not make any noise when you move here and there. It is both comfortable and attractive and a perfect choice for unpleasant weather.

  • Commercial fishing rain gear:

Now, this raincoat is for commercial purpose meaning it is for those who work all day long on the boat in the heavy rain. The material is quite durable and does not wear and tear easily in spite of being exposed to harsh rain. It keeps you dry in the heaviest rain and is undoubtedly the best choice for commercial use.

  • Foul weather fishing gear for commercial purposes:

This is again a rainwear ideal for foul weather. It offers the benefits of durability and effectiveness. Also, it does not get damaged easily. One great feature: the hood in this raincoat has enough space to accommodate a helmet so if you use a helmet often; this raincoat is the best choice.

You can try using the services of ember and earth for your raincoat shopping.

Places where you need to carry a raincoat

Not all places are such where you need to carry a raincoat. However, there are certain places in the world where you definitely need to carry a raincoat. This is because you never know when it might start raining there. If are among those who love to travel but hate getting trapped indoors then it is essential that you buy raincoat for men as well as raincoats for women.


Below mentioned are some places where you should carry raincoats:

1. New Orleans:

This is one place where it rains a lot. New Orleans in Louisiana receives 62.7 inches of rain per year. In fact, this place is the wettest city in the United States. This means you need to carry a raincoat whenever you go there. For those wanting to enjoy a walk on the Bourbon Street, make sure that you check the weather forecast.

2. Miami:

Everyone knows Miami for its nightlife and beaches but only few are aware of the fact that this place receives 61.9 inches of rainfall per year, giving it the title of second wettest city in the United States, next only after New Orleans. You can expect rain anytime.

3. Birmingham:

This city, located in Alabama, receives more rainfall as compared to any other city.53.7 inches of rain per year is reported per year in this city. If you plan to go there for more than a day then it is recommended to keep yourself fully prepared and carry a raincoat that has a hood attached to it so that your head doesn’t become wet.

4. New York City:

New York is also said to report quite a good amount of rain. It receives 49.9 inches of rain per year. It would be so much better if you carry all the required material necessary for rainy weather than pay for a cab to protect you from the rain.

5. Houston:

Houston experiences quite hot weather but at the same time it also receives quite a lot of rain. It receives 49.8 inches of rain, almost the same as New York City. If you wish to go there, whether for fun sake or for business related work, you should carry your raincoats.

These are some places where you should make a point to carry a raincoat without fail, if you do not wish to get wet!!

How to choose the best raincoat for toddlers

Raising children is not an easy job and that too toddlers who are just beginning to walk. These little ones are those who are in the age group of 1-3 years and at this age, they are developing physically as well as mentally. The stage is very important in the life of any person because it is at this stage that the learning stage develops and this sets the stage for a healthy body and mind.


Not to mention that these little ones need to be cared for and need to be protected by rain which can make them ill if they get wet. A good quality raincoat would serve well and protect them against the harsh rain. Parents should keep in mind certain things before purchasing a raincoat for their toddlers. These include:

1. Proper size:

The size of the raincoat should be appropriate. It should not be small and neither too large. However, it should be large enough keeping in mind that it is their growing age.


2.Safety feature:

You should choose the right material for the raincoat. You should make sure that you look for a PVC- free rainwear or one that contains less amount of PVC. This is so because the skin of toddlers is delicate and they can easily become allergic to it. You can surf and buy rainwear online.

3.Easy to use:

It’s not easy for kids to wear and manage a raincoat so it should be made sure that they do not find it complicated to wear. Kids love to play in the rain sometimes so you choose a rainwear that makes them free to move. You can go in for a large raincoat that covers maximum parts of the body and one that has a hood attached to it.


Kids love different designs. You can pick up the best one in accordance with their tastes like cartoon characters or animals or say even flowers printed on them. There are lots of them available online.

5.The colour:

It is a well- known fact that kids love bright colours. Colours like pink, red, orange etc are liked by them. You should purchase these colours rather than the light ones which get dirty easily.


These are some tips which you can follow to purchase the best raincoat for your toddlers.